Monday, November 10, 2014

Three Poem Re-Drafts and a New Poem Draft

Desinas Ineptire

Some poems are not made
to move the mind,
but only hold the world
as in crystal.

Others strive to say
the thing unsaid,
in words to paint
what no words show.

And some but play a game,
place counters on a page.
But this one has no point
but to remind of you.

The Ocean's Daughter

When the moonlight comes,
it dances on water,
forms a path of light
silver and fair
that leads the way
to the Ocean's daughter;
a net of stars
shines in her hair.
The night is dark,
but her eyes are deeper
than all the abyss
of heaven above.
She holds my heart,
for she is its keeper:
the ocean's waves
spread from her with love.


Long ago, in a dream,
I saw your face, just a gleam;
it was light, it was hope,
in the dark.

Long ago I had heard
a gentle song without words,
soft and low, spreading hope
in the dark.

Now I wander the earth
and I wonder life's worth
when the fight only ends
with defeat again.
But hope grows where there is love,
where you are, and God above,
so I rise, so I fight,
though I must lose again.

Long ago, in a dream,
I heard your voice -- bright it seemed
in the dark.


Behind the eyes, a cave, a maw,
is pouring darkness down a hole;
within the hole our secrets wait
in shrouds of night more black than coal,
more deep than jet, and old despair
still waits for some long-feared rebirth,
a panic formed in ancient worlds
that came when man first sprung from earth,
a fear of things a god might know,
a fear of death and doom and dearth.


  1. Brigitte Darnay11:10 AM

    Greatly enjoying all three of these, but I thank you for "The Ocean's Daughter", in particular. She hold and keeps my heart as well.

  2. branemrys6:45 PM

    It definitely has been turning out very nicely.

  3. Itinérante4:26 AM

    These are too beautiful!


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