Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Three Poem Drafts


The breezes give as they receive
and rustle through the erewhon leaves;
their false appearance tricks, deceives,
and makes a point most true.

We counterpoise to know the world,
a bright unworld within it curled,
a banner light at night unfurled,
to be of thought a clue.


Gently now the angels sing
the Son of God, the shepherd-king,
who by still waters leads the lamb,
who was Himself a tender ram
ensnarled in thorn and made to die,
raised again to throne on high,
from thence to rule with iron rod,
the Savior, King, and Son of God.


Unstained by our darkness, O Mary, please pray
for sheep who have wandered, all we who, astray,
are lost in dark shadow, cut off from the light;
pray that the Shepherd will set us aright
with His rod and His staff, with the call of His voice;
pray for us, Mary, who made the just choice.

Unblemished by malice, unbroken by sin,
O Queen of the angels, pray for all men,
and pray for God's mercy to lighten our way
until the night ends at the dawning of day;
pray in the Spirit that God give us grace
and raise us to meet Him in light face to face.

Uncaptured by failing, O Mary, most kind,
baptized from conception, keep each lamb in mind
with prevenient prayer from God's holy throne,
that never the lost should wander alone;
of many ends mother, of many souls friend,
pray for us, purest, from now to the end.


  1. Arsen Darnay12:31 PM

    Quite wondrous, Brandon. Quite exceptional enough that to brand them drafts seems inappropriate -- but we understand!

  2. branemrys8:24 PM

    You are too kind! They did turn out fairly well given that they were scribbled rather hurriedly.


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