Saturday, February 14, 2015

Not Like Other Men

James Chastek has an excellent post on Pharisaism and religion:

These might be what Christ was speaking about with “if your hand offend you… if your eye offend you..etc.” The hand is the organ of manipulation of the world, and so speaks to the practical life, just as the eye speaks to the life of understanding. But both praxis and theoria have ways of insinuating themselves into religion so as to become substitutes for it. It’s hard to know when exactly the rot sets in, but presumably we know we’ve taken a wrong turn somewhere when we find our religion defined by the way in which we are thankful that we are not like other men: like the liberals, the wingnuts, the clown-massers, the racist bigots, the America haters, Nominalists, the dry manual Scholastics, etc.

Go and read the whole thing.


  1. MrsDarwin9:49 AM

    Excellent: "But hypocrisy extends even further to the ways we interpret religion so as to set ourselves apart without becoming holy."

  2. branemrys12:28 PM

    Yes, that was an especially good part; it puts the matter almost perfectly.


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