Saturday, March 07, 2015

Isaac of Nineveh for Lent XVI

There is no need for us to roam about heaven and earth in quest of God, or to send forth our minds into diverse places in search of Him. Therefore, purify your soul, O man, and drive away from you all cares which concern things outside your nature, and shroud your soul's perceptions and movements with the veil of chastity and humility: by this means you will discover Him that is within you, since 'mysteries are revealed to the humble' (Sir. 3:19).

Homily 4 (pp. 148-149)


  1. Greta7:19 PM

    How beautifully this corresponds with Marcus Aurelius To Himself, like the passage: "Most of the thngs we say or do are not necessary; get rid of them and you will gain time and tranquility" and such tranquility and simplicity instilling a sense of world-order.

  2. branemrys11:17 PM

    I've been noticing some of the similarities, too; and you're right that this one has some particularly notable ones.

  3. I had wanted to respond in this comment with something that I thought I had read about here but now cannot find - about a connection between Stoicism and Christianity. It was such an insightful post - if it is yours and you remember it, I hope you will post a link to it.

  4. branemrys10:25 PM

    Hmm. The general topic has certainly come up in passing; I don't remember that I've talked about it at any length, though.


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