Monday, March 16, 2015

Isaac of Nineveh for Lent XXIII

There are three ways by which every rational soul can draw nigh to God: by fervency of faith, by fear, and by the Lord's chastisement. No man can draw nigh to the love of God if one of these three does not lead the way.
Homily 6 (p. 169)


  1. Enbrethiliel6:33 PM


    I'd rather be led by faith than by fear or chastisement, of course, but I'm glad that the latter two are considered legitimate ways. I'm really frustrated by people who criticise others for being religious for the "wrong" reasons. How can there be a wrong reason for ordering your life in a way that brings you closer to God?

  2. branemrys12:57 AM

    Very much in agreement! This is something that has come up several times in the past year for me, as well.


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