Monday, March 23, 2015

Isaac of Nineveh for Lent XXIX

The more a man's tongue flees talkativeness, the more his understanding is illuminated to be able to discern deep thoughts; for the rational mind is bemuddled by talkativeness.

Homily 15 (p. 205).


  1. branemrys2:34 PM

    Another downside with attributing CT to "gullibility" is that it can't explain what the theorist himself is working from.

    I think this is definitely the key issue.

    I like your 'gotcha' detail suggestion. I wonder if it can be seen as an unhealthy taste for the experience of illumination or the thrill of discovery at the expense of the (often very pedestrian and uninteresting) work required to get to actual illumination or discovery.

  2. Now how the heck was I supposed to know this was getting discussed under St. Isaac? :) Aren't you guys teachers or something? Play by the rules!


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