Sunday, April 05, 2015

The Sap of Spring

A Better Resurrection
by Christina Rossetti

I have no wit, no words, no tears;
My heart within me like a stone
Is numb'd too much for hopes or fears;
Look right, look left, I dwell alone;
I lift mine eyes, but dimm'd with grief
No everlasting hills I see;
My life is in the falling leaf:
O Jesus, quicken me.

My life is like a faded leaf,
My harvest dwindled to a husk:
Truly my life is void and brief
And tedious in the barren dusk;
My life is like a frozen thing,
No bud nor greenness can I see:
Yet rise it shall—the sap of Spring;
O Jesus, rise in me.

My life is like a broken bowl,
A broken bowl that cannot hold
One drop of water for my soul
Or cordial in the searching cold;
Cast in the fire the perish'd thing;
Melt and remould it, till it be
A royal cup for Him, my King:
O Jesus, drink of me.

Surrexit Christus!


  1. Greta5:19 AM

    Vere Resurrectus Est!

    (If that is indeed the correct Latin.)
    I had hoped to have a poem for this poem, but instead I will quote G. K. Chesterton from Everlasting Man (on what connotes to me the broken and renewing): "Who does not feel the death and resurrection of the growing things of the earth as something near to the secret of the universe?"

  2. branemrys9:35 AM

    That's a good one; it's been too long since I've read Everlasting Man.

  3. Itinérante4:46 AM

    Christ is Risen!!
    Happy Easter Brandon!

  4. branemrys6:41 PM

    Happy Easter!


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