Monday, June 22, 2015

Vinculae Variae

* "The History Blog" has an interesting post on the church scribes and networks that were used to give the Magna Carta a wide distribution.

* MrD on climate change.

* Elmar Kremer in a podcast on classical theism at "Wireless Philosophy"

* The history of hushpuppies.

* A hairdresser has recently begun to overturn certain assumptions of archeologists and historians about how the Egyptians did their hair.

* Flannery O'Connor is currently on a US postage stamp.

* Rebecca Stark on Susanna Wesley and Aristotle.

* Catherine Nielsen on Augustine on the elusiveness of complete self-knowledge.

* The priest who invented the bulletproof vest.

* John Farrell on Christopher Lee

* Michael Zheltov, The Moment of Eucharistic Consecration in Byzantine Thought

* Early Indo-European Online has an interesting series of language lessons.

* Online Syriac-Aramaic language lessons.

* An interesting essay on sedevacantism, by Michael Davies, at "Radical Catholic"

* Eran Tal, Measurement in Science, at the SEP

* The Deconstructor in the Darkness at "speculum criticum traditionis"

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