Thursday, August 06, 2015

Thursday Virtues and Vices Index

Third Series -- Virtues

Chastity (Temperance)

Observantia (Justice)

Studiousness (Temperance)

Patience (Fortitude)

Moderatio Exteriorum Motuum / Modesty of External Action (Temperance)

Third Series -- Vices

Cruelty (Temperance)

Odium / Hatred (Justice)

Irony (Justice)

Discord (Justice)

Pusillanimity (Fortitude)

Second Series -- Virtues

Magnanimity (Fortitude)

Pietas / Xiao / Filial Piety (Justice)

Clemency (Temperance)

Affability (Justice)

Magnificence (Fortitude)

Second Series -- Vices

Audacity (Fortitude)

Ingratitude (Justice)

Susurration (Justice)

Civil Impiety (Justice)

Boorishness (Temperance)

First Series -- Virtues

Solertia and Eustochia (Prudence)

Gentleness / Meekness / Mildness / Mansuetude (Temperance)

Truthfulness (Justice)

Religion (Justice)

First Series -- Vices

Mollience / Effeminacy (Fortitude)

Craftiness, Guile, and Fraud (Justice)

Superstition (Justice)

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