Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Links of Note, Noted

* At the SEP:
Saul Fisher, Philosophy of Architecture
Paul Guyer and Rolf-Peter Horstmann, Idealism
Kirill Thompson, Zhu Xi

* Eric Schwitzgebel on the lack of Chinese philosophy in college curricula

* MrD on the repugnant conclusion and certain popular Catholic arguments.

* Philosophers' Carnival #179

* Matthew Milliner on the Catholicism of Black Elk.

* Some good discussion of Pascal's wager

* John Corvino on gay rights and the race analogy.

* How Hagia Sophia was built.

* The history of Aristotle's Masterpiece, an early modern book on sex mashed together out of different sources

* Instituto pro Latino Sine Flexione; they have Peano's writings on the subject.

* Anton Wilhelm Amo, a philosopher from West Africa who lived in Enlightenment Germany.

* Nick Barrowman, Correlation, Causation, and Confusion

* Terrance Tomkow and Kadri Vihvelin on counterfactuals

* The Feynman Lectures on Physics, online

* Richard Marshall interviews Sara L. Uckelman on dynamic epistemology and medieval logic

* Fra Josemaria M. Barbin on The Temptation of the Istari

* The basics of oolong tea

* Anthropological researchers reconstructed the appearance of St. Rose of Lima from her skull. St. Rose at one point smeared hot pepper juice over her face to try (not entirely successfully) to stop men from checking her out and to stop people from commenting on how pretty she was, so it's unusurprising that the comment of the researchers on the reconstruction is that she was “a pretty woman with soft features and a well-distributed face.”

* The story of Benedict Daswa, who was beatified on Sunday.

* Michael Flynn on St. Christopher, ET, and the Middle Ages

* Queen Elizabeth II recently surpassed Queen Victoria's record as the longest-reigning British monarch. May there be many more years in store.

* The Chaldean Catholic Help Iraq Network

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