Sunday, November 29, 2015

Maronite Year V

The First Sunday of Announcement was about the angel announcing the Forerunner of Christ to Zechariah his father; the Second Sunday of Announcement was about the angel announcing the Christ to Mary; the Third Sunday of Announcement is about the Forerunner and Elizabeth his mother announcing the Christ to Mary.

Sunday of the Visitation of the Virgin to Elizabeth
Ephesians 1:1-14; Luke 1:39-45

A new covenant the Lord has promised;
He will write it in our hearts,
setting His holy seal upon our minds
that we may be His people.
Least and greatest, they will know the Lord's ways.
He will pardon wickedness
and will no longer remember our sins.

Mary like the Ark of the Covenant
came to stay with her cousin.
At her greeting, the Forerunner leapt up,
the prophet in the womb danced.
Like David before the Ark he rejoiced,
in his first prophetic sign
although still dwelling in Elizabeth.

Mary like the Ark of the Covenant
came to stay with her cousin
and Elizabeth spoke with prophecy:
"How can the Ark come to me?
I am visited by my Lord's mother!
Blessed among women are you,
and blessed is the holy fruit of your womb!"

The Word now dwells within you, O Mary!
"My soul magnifies the Lord,
my spirit rejoices in God who saves,
who has graced His handmaiden;
Now all generations will call me blessed
because of the Holy One,
who has wrought wonders for a lowly maid.

"He has mercy on those who fear His name;
He does great deeds with His strength.
He overturns the mighty from their seats;
He exalts the lowly ones.
The hungry He has given food to eat,
the wealthy He makes bankrupt.
He remembers promises He has made!"

A new covenant the Lord has promised.
God has chosen us in Christ.
He has adopted us as his children.
Through his blood we are redeemed.
In Him we have forgiveness of our sins.
Those who hear His word of truth
are sealed with the promised Holy Spirit.

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