Friday, December 25, 2015

Maronite Year XI

Christmas needs no introduction, of course. But in the Maronite liturgical year it touches off a series of themes for the next several days (at least, those not taken up by some more important feast or memorial): Praises to the Virgin Mary Mary, The Visit of the Magi, Holy Innocents and the Flight to Egypt, Return from Egypt to Nazareth.

Feast of the Glorious Birth of Our Lord
Hebrews 1:1-12; Luke 2:1-20

The Just One is revealed to Zion like the dawn;
the Deliverer of Jerusalem shines out.
All the nations shall see Him, His glory.
The Lord upholds His royal diadem.
No longer are we forsaken; we are loved.

Once we were duped by falsehood, enslaved by passions,
but the Savior from God dawned on us with great love.
He saved us through His merciful design,
with His power He gives us a new birth,
and His grace restores us through the Holy Spirit.

A child is born to us; His name is "Wonderful",
for God is wonderful who comes to us a child.
A shining star has risen from Jacob,
a leader for all comes from Israel.
In David's town a Savior has been born for us.

God in flesh has dawned upon His creation,
the Word has tabernacled among His people.
Before, God spoke His words through the prophets;
Now, He speaks to us through His holy Son,
who shines with splendor in the brilliance of glory.

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