Sunday, January 03, 2016

Maximes on Reason

On the maxime as a philosophical genre, and on what I am doing in this post, see here.

When people affirm the importance of Reason, the danger is always that they are affirming that their reason, as it is, is more important than another's reason.

The purpose of argument in general is not to persuade but to reason.

We sing not merely with voice but with human reason.

In teaching, reason itself becomes gift.

Reason is inherently social in part because it allows the discovery of a common good.

'Sense of humor' is a name for reason under one of its aspects.

In discovery we aid the ascent of reason by the wings of imagination, small though they be.

Grace lends charm to reason.

If philosophy is the love a reasonable being has for the ends of human reason, the Beatific Vision is of supreme philosophical significance.

If your conception of reason does not make music an activity of reason, it is flawed.

Reason is the foundational sense of proportion.

Reason needs literature to help her cultivate a sense of adventure.

Laughter is the diamond in the crown of reason.

With certainty, people reason; with uncertainty, people try not to be left out of what everyone else is getting.

The structure of reasoning is analogous to the structure of hope.

Faithful reason adorns the wedding dress of the Bride of the Lamb with infinite pearls of nacreous beauty; these pearls it forms through itself and within itself.

The realm of reason is as vast and rich as the realm of life, and requires a study as full and intricate.

Who cannot recognize the sublime is unable to recognize the true reach of reason.

Reason, to be healthy, must breathe; and the breath of reason is love for the good.

Demanding that persuasion be the standard of good argument is demanding that reason always be held hostage to the most stubbornly stupid person.

We receive reason as a gift from God, and reason gives itself to others in communication.

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