Sunday, February 14, 2016

Maronite Year XXIV

All the Sundays of Lent in the Maronite calendar are concerned with types and emblems of our salvation, and the readings for Sundays in Lent after Cana Sunday all concern restorations. We have two healings (the leper, the hemorrhaging woman), then the parable of the prodigal son, and then two more healings (the paralytic, the blind man). We begin with the cleansing of the leper.

Sunday of the Healing of the Leper
Romans 6:12-23; Mark 1:35-45

Christ our God! Physician of souls, of bodies,
with compassion turn Your gaze upon us;
heal us of the leprosy of wickedness,
strengthen us in the weakness of our flesh,
cleanse us from all stain in action or in thought.

By Your word, from Your grace, forgive us, heal us;
bring back in penitence the wanderers,
strengthen the weak and console the sorrowful;
feed the hungry, give aid to the needy,
Son of David, have mercy! Make our souls clean.

People of Christ! Your scarlet sins are washed white.
The law's burden Christ bore upon His cross.
Conform not to the world; be transformed by Christ.
Hate the evil and cling to what is good;
Do not let sin reign in your body's desires.

Let nothing in you be evil's instrument;
Offer yourself to God who gives you life.
Because of grace, sin is no more your master,
and you are raised to be children of God.
He has healed you; draw close to His majesty.

Cleanse your hands, O sinners, purify your hearts;
know that penitence may exalt your heart.
Those who are humble God will lift to heaven.
Repent, live in love, and do not be proud.
Son of David, have mercy! Make our souls clean.

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