Thursday, March 17, 2016


And the sin of gluttony does not consist of the external acts regarding the very consumption of food except as a consequence, namely, insofar as the consumption results from an inordinate desire for food, as is also the case regarding all the other sins related to emotions. And so Augustine says in his Confessions: "I do not fear the uncleanness of food eaten with bread but the uncleanness of inordinate desire." And so it is evidence that gluttony chiefly regards emotions and is contrary to moderation regarding the desires and pleasures in food and drink.

Thomas Aquinas, De Malo 14.1. 'Emotions' really should be 'passions', in both cases here.

[Thomas Aquinas, On Evil, Regan, tr., Oxford University Press (Oxford: 2003) p. 406.]

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