Sunday, March 06, 2016

Maronite Year XXVIII

Continuing the Lenten theme of salvation for the Sunday readings, the Maronite calendar recognizes today as the Sunday of the Paralyzed Man, and it emphasizes, as the story in the Gospel does, the power of forgiveness.

Sunday of the Healing of the Paralytic
1 Timothy 5:24-6:5; Mark 2:1-12

Holy God, Holy Mighty, Holy Immortal,
protect us in our weakness and our foolishness;
Pledge of true life, heal our souls,
that we may walk in new life.
From the Father the Son came to give the Spirit:
in His name the Church brings absolution and grace.

Because of faith, Christ said to the paralytic,
"Your sins are forgiven, rise and pick up your mat,
walk and return to your home."
O Word, You shared life with us;
You made the paralyzed walk that all might know You,
that all might learn in faith that You are God's own Son.

Praise, O Church, the One who became flesh for our sins;
He turned to wounded humanity to heal it,
and bore the sins of us all.
We stored up retribution,
stubborn and impenitent of heart and habit,
but Your heart pardoned our sins and made us to walk.

O God, undo the paralysis that binds us:
remove selfishness and put justice in its place;
let love rule all that we do,
inspire our mutual help,
that each action may be all for the common good.
Those You have ransomed will go home singing with joy.

Glory to the Son of God, who said, "Rise and walk."
Glory to Christ, who said, "Your sins are forgiven."
You healed the paralytic;
You bring pardon for our sins.
You open the door to all of those who repent;
extend Your hand and grant us the balm of pardon.

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