Sunday, March 27, 2016

Maronite Year XXXVIII

Resurrection Sunday needs no particular introduction. But Easter opens a special week, the Week of Hawareyeen, or, as it is often translated, White Week. During the weekdays of White Week, also called the Week of Weeks, the readings celebrate the appearances of Christ after His resurrection: to Mary Magdalene (Monday), at the Sea of Tiberias (Tuesday and Wednesday), the Road to Emmaus (Thursday), the Upper Room (Friday and Saturday). The running theme through the week is that the joy of the Resurrection never ends.

Great Sunday of Resurrection
Philippians 2:1-11; Matthew 28:1-10 (Midnight)
1 Corinthians 15:12-26; Mark 16:1-8 (Morning)


O great Savior, You reconciled heaven and earth,
shedding Your own blood on the wood of the cross.
Through Your rising You brought joy to heaven and to earth,
You brought peace and faithfulness where there was none.
Make Your faithful, O Lord, rejoice always in Your peace.

Your mercy is great, Lord, beyond all words;
with Your resurrection You gladden us.
Let us rejoice in the day You have made,
the dawning day that sent the night fleeing.
On this crowning jewel of all days and feasts,
grant us forgiveness of all of our sins.
Through the incense of prayer grant justice,
through the sacrifice of praise grant comfort.
Make your children radiant with true light
that we may celebrate the greatest feast,
the feast that never ends, with all Your saints.

Treasury of reconciliation,
Source of peace, send us the Spirit of peace.
By peace was Noah saved from the great flood;
by peace the dove led him to the sure land.
By peace the sea parted for Israel;
by peace they crossed over to Your freedom.
By peace the angel came to the Virgin;
by peace You gave peace through the Word made flesh.
By peace You calmed the storm upon the sea;
by peace You calmed the fear in quaking hearts.
Your peace You gave us, Your peace You left us,
a peace that surpasses understanding;
may Your church be one in the kiss of peace.
that Your justice may ever be our way
and Your peace our foundation in all things.

O Lord, Your death has put to death the oldness in us;
through Your resurrection we are clothed anew.
Let us celebrate passover with unleavened bread,
the sweet bread of sincerity and justice,
and not with the old leaven of our old deeds.


Light from Light, God from God, You endured death of body,
yet You live forevermore in the Spirit.
By this day of Your great resurrection from the dead,
grant us blessings without end, hope without failing,
turn us from the death of sin that we may praise Your name.

You made us in Your image, O Lord God,
and the Son of God restores that image,
through Your compassion bringing salvation.
Source of life, You became a man for us,
descended to the dead to bring great joy;
You who raise the dead obeyed to the death,
led human captivity to freedom,
dispelled all darkness and awoke the just.
Destroying death, You brought glory and peace,
calling forth nations to sing God's praises.
Maker of life, by Your rising grant life;
Crafter of men, sculpt us in Your image,
restoring our marred features to true form.
Adorn us with the vestment of glory,
that in Your light we may see divine light.

The sharp blade entered Your side on the cross;
the baptismal waters pour forth today.
A crown of thorns You wore upon Your head;
You crown us with immortal life today.
Darkness covered the earth at Your dark death;
the world is radiant with light today.
The disciples fled, scattered with terror;
they are brought together in hope today.
Creation groaned with anticipation;
gladness covers the universe today.
The omnipotent was nailed to the cross;
by Your power the dead have life today.
All people mocked the Lord with scoff and scorn;
throughout the world the church is heard today.
Your resurrection is a fount of joy,
a joy that surpasses understanding;
may Your church shout forth the joy You have brought,
that the world may know the message of hope,
and that You have made all things new today.

For three days You were buried in the tomb for us all;
by Your resurrection You broke death's cold bonds.
Through Your grace, break the bonds of sin that enslave our souls.
Invest us with immortality and light,
that we Your children may give You glory forever.

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