Sunday, April 24, 2016

Maronite Year XLIII

Fifth Sunday of the Resurrection
Ephesians 2:1-10; John 21:15-19

O Incense of forgiveness, we adore You;
in Your image and likeness we are made.
Though You were true God, You became man for us;
the Light that never ceases tasted of death.
You were entombed like every mortal,
but Your voice, full of life, woke the sleeping just.

O Incense of forgiveness, with what great love
You have loved us, such a living love.
We were dead, but God, in giving life to You,
gave us life and raised us up to love.
Abundant is the richness of Your great grace!
You reformed us in Christ from Your love.

O Incense of forgiveness, our prayers rise
only because You, Lord, are risen.
The God of peace raised You to be our Shepherd;
through Your blood He completes all our works.
Your robes are stained with victory over death;
through Your rising we are clothed anew.

O Incense of forgiveness, by Your great grace
we are brought to life and born anew.
You, O Jesus, undid the ancient sorrow,
gathering the nations to Your name,
investing them with shining robes of glory,
giving them shining crowns of splendor.

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