Tuesday, May 17, 2016

And Mar Not the Essence Divine

The School Teacher
by James Breckenridge

Toil, Teacher, toil,
How great is the work to be done!
Toil, Teacher, toil,
Thy labour is only begun.

Toil, Teacher, toil,
The twig is entrusted to thee;
Try, teacher, try,
To make it a beautiful tree.

Toil, teacher, toil,
The charge of young spirits is thine;
"Watch, teacher, watch,
And mar not the essence divine.

Toil, teacher, toil,.
We wish you a hearty God speed;
"Work, teacher, work,
For that is the way to succeed.

Toil, teacher, toil,
Thine is a noble employ;
Strive, teacher, strive,
To make it thy glory and joy.

Toil, teacher, toil,
Let thy soul and thy purpose be strong;
Bear, teacher, bear,
With slander, injustice, and wrong,

Toil, teacher, toil,
Mid clouds by the hurricane riven;
Bold, teacher, bold,
Fear only thy Master in heaven.

Toil, teacher, toil,
Though tempted, tormented, and cross'd ]
Stand, teacher, stand,
Like a patriot firm at thy post.

Toil, teacher, toil,
Encourage the generous youth;
Guide, teacher, guide,
The soul that is grasping for truth.

Toil, teacher, toil,
Let the soul of a hero be thine;
Have, only, have,
A lofty, a noble design.

Toil, teacher, toil,
A power thou possessest for good;
On, teacher, on,
And wield it aright for thy God!

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