Sunday, May 08, 2016

Maronite Year XLVI

Seventh Sunday of the Resurrection
Ephesians 1:15-23; John 13:31-35

May You, O God, Father of glory,
enlighten the hearts of Your people,
grant to them the Spirit of wisdom,
that they may hope with a sure hope.
Your Son is seated at Your right hand,
having truly risen from the dead;
all things have been put under His feet,
and we, His Body, share in His rule.

At Your name, O Christ, all things kneel down;
in heavenly heights, on firm earth,
in the realms of the dead all things kneel,
proclaiming You their Lord and ruler.
By Your humility, You obeyed,
even unto death on the cross,
reconciling even us, Your foes.
Your rising sealed Your atoning death,
a pledge of resurrection and life.
You made us heirs of life eternal
and were exalted above all else.

As our Head, You save us in water,
You raise us up in heavenly fire,
that we may sing Your praise with one voice.
The Son of man has been glorified,
and God has been glorified in Him,
glory upon glory glorified,
and He has given a new command,
to love each other as He has loved,
that in us He may be glorified!

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