Sunday, October 30, 2016

Maronite Year LXXIX

The Seventh Sunday after Holy Cross is the last Sunday of the Maronite Year. It is also known as the Sunday of Christ the King, which it has shared with the Latin calendar (Extraordinary Form) since Quas primas was promulgated in 1925. It is a fitting end to the liturgical season of Holy Cross, which is devoted to the victory of the cross.

Sunday of Christ the King
Romans 12:9-21; Matthew 25:31-46

What voice can bless the One above all praise?
No mind or tongue can describe His wonders,
His miracles of grace,
which pour forth from His person and office,
for which He is exalted above all.

He has come from Jacob to rule nations;
He has been set as King over Zion,
which is His holy mount.
The nations He has for inheritance,
the circle of the world for possession.

His great throne is forever and ever,
His scepter a scepter of righteousness,
for He is God on high;
His peaceful kingdom will have no limit,
and justice shall spring up from sea to sea.

Not by any force or usurpation,
but by nature and His holy office,
He rules over all things.
When He comes in glory with His angels,
He will judge all the living and the dead.

Grant, O Christ our King, forgiveness from sins,
grant justice to the oppressed and the poor,
comfort to the lowly.
Grant to Your faithful rest in Your kingdom,
that we may have gladness before Your throne.

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