Saturday, October 01, 2016

Maronite Year LXXV

(I'm a bit behind on finishing the Fortnightly Book post, so I am switching its place with this.)

The Season of the Glorious Cross continues, with its steady reiteration of the Cross as victory.

In addition to being the Third Sunday after Holy Cross, it is Holy Rosary Sunday. There is no special liturgy for the occasion, but the rosary plays a significant role in Maronite spirituality.

Third Sunday after Holy Cross
Philippians 3:17-4:1; Matthew 24:23-31

O Blessed Cross, your light shines in all the world;
by your light we see the path to which we are called,
and we look to your shining in the last days.
You are victory and joy to those saved by you.

O Blessed Wood of the Cross, O Eden's tree,
by you is Adam's sin undone, our death conquered,
and by you, O tree of life, we now rejoice.
In your exaltation is our exaltation.

O Blessed Cross, you unite heaven and earth,
divinity and humanity, truth and hope;
you are the ladder from the depths to the heights.
O Cross, you are a sign of salvation for us.

O Son of God, seal Your children with Your Cross;
O Son of Man, we await Your sign in the heights.
Through Your Cross we participate in Your grace,
and through it know Your Father and Holy Spirit.

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