Sunday, November 06, 2016


As we come up into the last campaigning flurry of the Throw-It-In-A-Blender Election of the Year Gone Mad, two reminders lest we all go mad as well.

(1) Those of you who are talking as if the craziness will end on Election Day, just stop it; that's a good way to frustrate yourself. There will be recounts. There may be legal battles. There will be ongoing fallout from Wikileaks. The general favorability of the press with the American public will continue to plummet. It will get crazier. The Lunatic Year has a stretch to go.

(2) No matter how crazy this election has been, it is still arguably not crazier than any of the three elections (1824, 1828, 1832) in which Andrew Jackson ran. Admittedly, of course, the Lunatic Year has some wild surprises left; but up to this point the Andrew Jackson years hold their own.

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