Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Three Poem Drafts

Li Po's 'Down Zhongnan Mountain'

In even, down the mountain blue,
the light of moon my partner on the road,
my path behind in silvern view
is freight with shadow, load on load.
I pass the farmhouse of a friend,
whose children call from gate of hedge,
and through the bamboo jade descend
where vines are grasping clothing's edge.
Thus I am cheered by chance to rest
and with a friend to pass the bowl;
we sing with pine-winds from the west
till shining stars will reach their goal,
when, overcome by joy and thought,
we both have all the world forgot.

Satin White

Light is tinted argentine,
night is rich with hint of love,
sight on sight beneath the moon
white and bright pours down on us.
Lovely hinted shades of light
scatter through the moonlit night;
lovely, too, you are to sight,
dressed in gown of satin white.

How Much I Love Your Eyes

How much I love your eyes!
How desert bare
and parched my life gone by;
but you were there,
with springs of water pure
that sparkled clear
and gave me to endure,
restored by cheer.
You give a sidelong glance
from edge of eye;
it pierces like a lance
and I might die
save but for hint of smile,
and subtle tease,
and freshness free of guile
that seeks to please.
How much I love your eyes,
sincere and true,
the color of the skies,
that heavenblue,
with clouds of sunny day
and light of sun
that dances in display
where angels run.

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