Tuesday, May 08, 2018

Mothers Tell Us So

Human will and intelligence are in act as soon as the human being exists; personal dignity subsists and cannot be violated in any way whatsoever, nor obstructed in its natural operations. But the baby can certainly be helped to carry out its actions. An infant needs this kind of help, expects it and receives it gratefully -- mothers tell us so....

...Although the condition of babies is mysterious and virtually unknown, I am convinced that human beings use their understanding an will from the very first moments of their existence; babies do indeed consent with all their will, utterly grateful for the loving care given them. I am convinced that they acknowledge the superiority and just dominion exercised over them by those who feed, govern and care for them. Finally, because morality begins with the use of the will at the first moment the human being exists, I am convinced that babies are moral beings....

[Bl. Antonio Rosmini, The Philosophy of Right, Volume 2: Rights of the Individual, Cleary & Watson, trs., Rosmini House (Durham: 1993) pp. 149, 151.]

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