Friday, June 15, 2018

Dashed Off XIII

review accountability vs imputation accountability vs recourse accountability

Narnian Christmas is Dickensian: benevolent Yule, relief from winter.

The elements of accountability are authority, review, recourse. (Is there anything else to add?)

If a society becomes free, it increases the kinds of privileges available, because privileges are what free people leverage in political matters. A free society has many kinds of privilege that operate in many kinds of ways, and that are available for many. (Note, however, that the particular privilege as such is not the freedom that leverages it.)

the articles of the Creed as conditions for learning the faith

The divine facts of revelation are things God has made in His people.

'resemblance is not a relation' // 'correlation is not causation'

sentimentalist accounts of obligation (presumably in the form of quasi-compulsive feelings)
sentimentalist consequentialist: classical utilitarianism
rationalist consequentialist: ideal utilitarianism?
sentimentalist deontology: ?
rationalist deontology: Kant, etc.
sentimentalist virtue ethics: Hume
rationalist virtue ethics: Aristotle

positivist vs naturalist accounts of authenticity

natural law, its layers
(1) as legislated by reason
(2) as legislated by God
(3) as confirmed by divine positive legislation

HoP as philosophy (rational contemplation so as to find the true) interacting with philology (human making so as to get the certain)

the principle of totality & treating more important things as more important

Journalistic reporting is inherently anecdotal; even statistics are treated as anecdotal evidence.

the Beatitudes as "a sort of veiled interior biography of Jesus" (Ratzinger)

(1) perfecte legere
(2) aperte cognoscere

Vico: the human mind is intrinsically such that extra se habet omnia

Vico's primary weakness on scientia is an insufficient appreciation of constitutive causes.

Dedekind's 'free creation' and mathematics as a liberal art

Is there a relation between the paradox of compassoin and the paradox of tragedy?

Confucian ethics would be excellently suited for government ethics, for obvious historical reasons.

due process as a particular form of rites

'always or for the most part' universals : y'all :: strict universals : all y'all

certum as image of verum

Beginning with models we make, we rise to truths about what is modeled by causation, remotion, and eminence.

We often think of hierarchy as rising upward, but it can just as easily be thought of as moving inward.

sacrament as gift through symbol

traditionary argument as linguistic Kalam argument

Bodily integrity as such is expressed through but must be distinguished from physical, emotional, and behavioral protections for it.

Bodily integrity is an active self-protection, not a passive system of boundaries.

bodily integrity as the material person himself/herself

A protest can only be just to the extent that it is integrated with a larger project of working for common good.

Many of the state-like features of the Catholic Church were not borrowed from the state but by the state as the latter expanded its power.

A religious community has the right to look after its physical health as part of its spiritual health.

Intersectionality is like trying to model circles with polygons.

Shallow sympathy is not justice.

commonwealth: "association of a multitude of rational beings united by common agreement on the objects of their love" (Augustine)

Just government must be promissory and regular; that is, it must involve keeping promises and acting by rules.

Everything that happens is, in terms of its relation, ordered narratively by the human mind.

To place myself in my imagination requires situating myself such that something is outside of me.

traditionary argument vs exemplary theory of language (an extrinsic/intrinsic divide)

Consensus gentium is concerned with a sort of endoxic Box.

locomotion: unde, qua, quo

reserve in communicating religious knowledge as the natural expression of the principle of remotion
- note that reserve here can't be conflated with silence

A universal church has room for cozy spaces; but it is not itself a cozy space.

chronic vigor as showing a sort of self-motion (life as a note of the Church)

Newman Letter to the Bishop of Oxford, notes of the Church of England: life possession, freedom from party-titles, ancient descent, unbroken continuance, agreement in doctrine with ancient church
"Those of Bellarmine's Notes, which she certainly has not, are intercommunion with Christendom, the glory of miracles, and the prophetical light...."

The mind that will not bow down before truth cannot be trusted to uphold truth.

Literally nobody's political beliefs are held to strict Cliffordian standards by anybody.

In addition to the intrinsic characters of the Notes of the Church, there are notes of the Notes. For instance, saint-making is part of the Note of Sanctity; memorial and vernation of the saints is a note of that Note. The true Church would make saints whether anyone knew or cared; but their knowing and caring manifests that it does, diagnostically.

The Notes of the Church as such can be recognized by hearts of good will and thoughtful regard, requiring no elaborate education or abstruse reasoning; but some of the notes of the Notes, i.e., the signs indicating the primary signs, may involve precisely these things. Why, then, are they ever necessary? Precisely because prejudice, or confusion, or the like, may require an indirect route to what others can find directly; or, in otherwords as a concession to weakness, for some need precisely these complex things, given their circumstances, to grasp the simple things.

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