Saturday, July 21, 2018

A Quick Trip to Scotland, Miscellanea II

Edinburgh: Old Calton (continued)

Edinburgh: Calton Hill

Edinburgh: Views from Bridges in Old Town

Edinburgh has a lot of bridges (over valleys, since it lies on an area that geographically is cut by deep ridges). I tried to get some pictures of views from them, but most of the photographs turned out very busy -- the whole of Old Town is very crowded.

One over the Cowgate, which, as the name suggests, was the route people would take with their herds to get to the markets in the medieval city:

Edinburgh: Miscellaneous

More around the cathedral:

Various in and around Princes Street Gardens:

Out near Holyrood:

This is St. Andrews, a government building done in Art Deco style, a bit institutional-looking but very striking on the ground:

A famous statue of Wellington:

St Andrew Square, the Melville Monument, which commemorates Henry Dundas, the Viscount Melville:

Dundas was a major player in the political government in his day, so much so that he was sarcastically referred to as King Harry the Ninth and the Great Tyrant. He helped establish New Town, obstructed the abolition of slavery for years, expanded British domination of India, and was the last person in the United Kingdom to be impeached by the House of Lords (although he was acquitted).

Looking the other direction, the striking St. Andrew's and St. George's West Church:

to be continued

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