Sunday, August 12, 2018

Bright as the Dew-Drop on the Brow of Morn

To Mrs. Coltman of Hull,
October 1772,
by Anna Seward

Bright as the dew-drop on the brow of morn,
Fair as the lily by the fountain side,
Sweet as the damask rose-bud, newly born
On verdant banks, where glassy rivers glide,

Thou, Isabella, in the vale of life,
Far from Ambition's paths art charm'd to stray,
Shunning the haunts of pride and envious strife,
Each Muse, each Grace, companions of thy way.

Thy winter's cheerful hearth, thy summer suns,
May attic wit and virtue still adorn!
Brightning thy destin'd hour-glass as it runs,
Crowning thy night with peace, with joy thy morn!

Long may Hygeia lead thee to her springs,
And with full draughts thy glowing lip bedew
And while Prosperity her garland brings,
May nought that blesses bid thee once adieu.

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