Tuesday, March 26, 2019


We should also note that when Lazarus was lying dead, he asks the woman for the assent of faith on his behalf, as it were, so that this type may have force in the churches as well. What I mean is this: when a newborn infant is brought either to receive the chrism of the catechumenate or the [chrism] at the consummation of holy baptism, the one who brings the child says "amen" on its behalf. And for those who are going to be baptized because they are seized by extreme sickness, certain people make the renunciation [of Satan] and declare attachment [to Christ], lending their own voice, as it were, out of love to those assailed by sickness.

[St. Cyril of Alexandria, Commentary on John, Volume 2, Maxwell & Elowsky, trs. IVP Academic (Downers Grove, IL: 2015) p. 88. He is commenting on John 11:25-27.]

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