Friday, July 26, 2019

Dashed Off XV

Ceremony by its nature is due to, and should be appropriate to, merit and office.

fundamental rights -> operationalized fundamental rights -> operationally adjacent rights

Frege's judgment stroke links argument to (one, unified) arguer -- that is, puts the premises into the same collection rather than a different one (truth-acknowledgments). Note, however, that on Frege's use of 'judgment' all judgment is correct, indicative of what is actually true. It unifies the argument by relating it to a single agent (it does not matter whom) and to objective reality at the same time.

hunting-style inquiry, trapping-style inquiry

quasi-property: patent, copyright, trademark, shell corporation, aboriginal songline, manorial title
quasi-property arising from residuation, from letters patent (or equivalent), from regularized customary law
- all quasi-property arises form rights associated with classifications

The clinical aspect of medicine needs to be rooted in a broader humane context.

Humanitarian traditions typically include many professions, some central and some ancillary.

pardon : state :: sanctuary : Church

market convergence on mere facsimiles of the good, the true, the beautiful: the convenient, the pleasant but illusory, the profitable

The essential idea of arithmetic is not number but counting. One counts forward, and backwards; one counts countings.

Human rights are operationalized by the natural workings of humanitarian traditions, and the operationalization is formalized in a legal regime (sometimes only of customary law).

We tend to think of counting as a mapping to number; but one may think of number as mapping to count.

Mathematics builds on ostensive definitions, but it does not rest satisfied with them.

To be a human being is to be somewhat abstract.

A weathervane cannot be recognized as a sign except insofar as it is recognized as in some way a unity with what it signifies.

naturalism as the collapse of the distinction between showing and saying (this seems to be the root of Wittgenstein's impatience with naturalisms)

The forms of equality that matter most -- in the sense of having the greatest effect in protecting human dignity itself -- are
(1) that more or less everyone have the ability and opportunity to build a functional independence (a space of their own);
(2) that the law not be partial in its application, but fair;
(3) that there is a standing expectation of mutual courtesy, even if mostly formal, regardless of other distinctions.

Subsidiarity, not democracy, is the fundamental principle of self-government. (As much as possible should be local and/or with voluntary participation, and supportive of people solving their own problems where possible.)

The Western liberal model for society gets all of its admirable features from, and to the degree, it has viable and navigable proxies/institutions/practices for (1) rule of law; (2) civic friendship; (3) subsidiarity. Everything that people find of lasting value in it, and that it often provides better than many competing regimes, is found in its approach to these three things. Its partisans often misdiagnose this, however, because they take the model to be the end, not a means.

the cogito as contingent a priori (its necessity is only conditional)

motives of credibility
(1) suggestions
(2) purely pragmatic considerations

Every Aristotelian category divides into complete and incomplete.
Complete-or-incomplete as a transcendental distinction (This is = perfect/imperfect.)

Free choice finds not fully adequate object short of the Beatific Vision.

Strict evidentialism in the ethics of belief confuses good taste and moral requirement.

The power of the Scottish National Covenant was the power of the idea of a nation sworn to God as it fell on a people eager for a superior alternative to its king.

Ideas change the world by meshing with incentive structures, turning loose tendencies into specific purposes.

assessment of 'fit' as an elimination by classes

ancient castles work like sand

aphorism, by way of aporetics, becoming system

forms of Catholic education: schooling, homeschooling, scouting, internship/apprenticeship

dialogue, by way of maieutics, becoming system

Businesses are rarely designed to maximize profits, and, noticeably, tend to run into problems when they focus too much on profit, as such.

the problem of collateral damage in protests (cf. Gandhi and the clothmakers)

All evaluation is a kind of classification.

Typological classification is intrinsically evaluative (goodness of fit).

Newton's Third Law & the notion of contact

forms of intemperance
(1) inappropriateness to rational role
(2) inappropriateness of mode and measure
(3) inappropriateness of response to what is communicated

to signal what is good vs to signal that one has virtue

Thayer's steps to positive plant identification
(1) tentative identification
(2) reference comparison
(3) cross-referencing
(4) specimen search
(5) contradictory confidence

foraging as based on search image
foraging as an exercise in classification

In foraging, "Each plant is a complex skill, which often takes much time to master." Thayer, Nature's Garden

"...he that is armed is always master of the purse of him that is unarmed." Fletcher

It is sophistry, literally and truly, to pretend that reason has no intrinsic teleology.

In epistemic matters, we always begin in medias res, and it is a mistake to think we ever do otherwise.

There must be a good God for there to be a Jane Austen.

childishness as a vice opposed to temperance

Adequate moral reasoning requires both classificatory and causal forms; the loss of the latter is one sign of degeneration, and the loss of the former a sign of a different degeneration.

yin-yang as the structure of causing

ostension, depiction, description

attention, joint attention, ostension

"Homo est substantia rationalis constans ex anima et corpore." Aug DT 15.7.11

We perceive sympathetically that something is alive directly by its way of movement, and learn what it is for it to be alive indirectly by analogical inference.

perceptions that involve inferences

rhetorical cascades & options that are live vs dead, force vs unforced, momentous vs trivial, low-effort vs high-effort

the 'religious black market'

political argument and denial of area

relevant worlds analysis

Determinism requires some form of principle of sufficient reason. (Presumably, varying the PSR would vary the kinds of determinism possible -- think about this.)

thrownness as creatureliness (Edith Stein)

consensus gentium as first approximation (preparatory for consensus sapientarum)
consensus gentium as the ordinary standard for material fallacies

the original of beyondness
- poss. from diff. of infinite and finite
- relation to (metaphor arising from) diff. between visual and tactile , which seems more basic, but also to give a more limite dnotion of 'beyond', if taken only on its own.

Nietzsche's survival account of the logical depends on the perishing of ideas in the 'chaos of ideas' being linked with inconsistency. ('The ideas that were consistent with one another remained, the greater number perished -- and are passing.') N. is savvy enough to recognize that the account only gives an ongoing process, a still-changing logicality, but he is perhaps too swift to think he can get a sufficiently strong link between inconsistency and perishing (it's not clear he has any adequate mechanism for it.)

theories of personal identity // theories of constitutional maintenance
(1) continuity views
--- (1a) formal
--- (1b) material
(2) teleological views
-> note that fission is not an issue for constitutional maintenance; it's a weaker identity than personal identity on any account

trust-busting and market checks-and-balances

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