Monday, August 05, 2019

In Sooth, the Heavens are Splendid to the Eye

Sonnet to an Evening in August
by Kashiprasad Ghosh

The mellowing glory of the setting sun
Is pouring over Ganga's golden stream;
As when a lofty poet's thoughts have run
Wild and extatic by the soft, sweet dream
Of Fancy many-hued:—the dazzling light
Of genius true and poesy divine
Within his bosom beams in splendour bright,
And makes his every thought resplendent shine.
The variegated streaks, which glow afar,
Appear as if, in his ethereal track,
Arun, who drives the Sun's refulgent car,
Had from his radiant pinions flung them back.
In sooth, the heavens are splendid to the eye;
August! indeed august thine evening sky!

Ghosh, also known as Kasiprasad Ghoshe, was a Bengali poet who largely wrote in English; he was also the editor of the Hindu Intelligencer, an English-language newspaper published in Calcutta.

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