Wednesday, October 09, 2019

'Tis the Old History

The Age to Come
by Bl. John Henry Newman

When I would search the truths that in me burn,
And mould them into rule and argument,
A hundred reasoners cried,—"Hast thou to learn
Those dreams are scatter'd now, those fires are spent?"
And, did I mount to simpler thoughts, and try
Some theme of peace, 'twas still the same reply.

Perplex'd, I hoped my heart was pure of guile,
But judged me weak in wit, to disagree;
But now, I see that men are mad awhile,
'Tis the old history—Truth without a home,
Despised and slain, then rising from the tomb.

June 9, 1833.

Today is the feast of Bl. John Henry Newman, who will be canonized in a few days.

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