Thursday, October 03, 2019

Two New Poem Drafts and a Poem Re-Draft


Ah, my Lord God, you are wonderful.
All that you are brings me wonder.
In all that you do, I wonder.
In the lightning of your creating there is splendor,
a power to spark minds to wonder.
Wondering, I know I do not know;
what I do not know lures me further.
All this creation wonderfully shines,
and every glimmer is a cause to inquire,
and every shimmer a world to study,
for out of wonder springs heart's desire,
a thirst for a wisdom beyond my own,
and all of philosophy by this is driven,
by divine madness is it seized and driven,
philosophy of the little, philosophy of the great,
of science, its philosophy, of art, its philosophy,
philosophy of the thing, philosophy of the thought,
philosophy of all that pours from divine ideas.
Ah, my Lord God, you are wonderful!
All that is in you brings wonder.
All that is from you brings wonder.
In all that you do, I wonder.


For all that I have heard,
I praise you, Lord,
for all that I have seen;
though pen is frail
and ink is faint on page,
my heart will raise
a hymn of true intent
and honest thanks;
though voice may break and fade,
the thought will rise.
For all that I have heard,
I praise you, Lord,
for all that I have seen.


The air is hot and dry,
obscured by storms of dust.
Unending realms of sand
parch with fatal thirst.
Yet even on this desert planet
water can be found:
dew in secret places,
springs in sacred places,
pools by wind-worn rocks.

I dreamed.
This desert was a beach;
mist was in the air;
clouds grew on the horizon.
To my thirsty ears
came a great and liquid roar.
Great waves of philosophy
broke against the shore.

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