Wednesday, November 06, 2019

Two New Poem Drafts

Anton Wilhelm Amo

Spirit is purely active;
the senses do not bind it.
Who can bow to fate is wise,
having an inkling of God;
his words will be remembered
to everlasting ages.

Star of Ghana, Axim's child,
rising in all-circling sky
above the lands of the earth,
shine splendidly! None may doubt
your contribution of light
which, joined to uncounted stars,
light the night of human life.


In the darkness I have walked down the highway,
in the shadows have been lost on the byways,
yet I never lost the calling;
I could hear it through the night.
Even friendless I would journey with boldness,
hug myself tightly to fend off the coldness,
though I did not know the ending
or what would come with morning's light.

Now my steps beat on their way
and I face the coming day;
soon the light will shine at dawn;
I will then be home.

I have been lost more times than I could tally,
but every time I have learned how to rally;
Though oft heaven's dove descending
was the one thing to put me right.
Simple things were what would shield me from madness,
though heaven knows I still have tasted of sadness;
through it all I heard a singing
that stirred my heart to rise and fight.

Step by step I make my way;
may I soon see light of day!
Surely when I see the sun
I will then be home.

When you are lost and burdened with confusion,
facing problems in an endless profusion,
hear the music slowly building;
listen well and find your way.
Though the chill may be gusting and blowing,
though your pace by doubt may even be slowing,
let there be no pause or ceasing:
journey on to find the day.

As you walk, you learn the way;
step by step draw near to day.
Surely when you see the sun
you will then be home.

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