Friday, June 26, 2020

Dashed Off XIV

category of habitus as concerned with instrumental medium

John of St. Thomas gives wall coverings as an example of habitus.

Extrinsic denomination is always with respect to something external that stands as if a form to the thing so denominated, so that the denominated thing is spoken of as if modified by it.

Nonprofit organizations tend toward imitating their funding sources.

A (specific, concrete) philosophical position can be characeterized not merely by its arguments but also by the problem-history it posits.

undesignable structures

The imagination bubbles.

Humility resides in our priorities and in the way we act on those priorities.

In the long run, a people without filial piety will preserve nothing.

To reason from the past/present to the future requires identifying a tendency of the past/present to the future (or else an impediment to such).

external form in the sense of vestment vs external form in the sense of exemplar
-- could molds be an overlap here? they are both exemplars and 'worn' by the molded?
pure exemplar | mold | clothing | covering
- perhaps between pure exemplar and mold another separate category for models? The difficulty is that it seems there have to be models on both sides of molds. Perhaps we need to distinguish two ways these can be related: extrinsicness of external form and extrinsicness of that by virtue of which is formed. Pure exemplars are most extrinsic but concern the least extrinsic aspects of that which is formed (the very nature).

Models imply pure exemplars.

containers and clocks as external forms

Faithful execution of laws is only possible according to moral standards of practical reason, taht is, natural law.

The faithful execution clause of the Constitution primarily gives the President authority to order the executive branch qua executive; it is a vast power, limited only by the need to apply and conform to law.

orders of grace
(1) hieratic
(2) iatric
(3) bematic
(4) gamic
(5) eucharistic

Anti-proselytism is the spiritual equivalent of anti-natalism.

The bodily resurrection establish that the body has a destiny of sanctity, that it is such that it needs to be prepared for glory.

"From reason are necessary things, according to reason are probable, above reason are marvelous, contrary to reason incredible." Hugh of St. Victor
"It was a greater good that there be good from good and from evil than from good alone."

spiritual medicine : unction :: spiritual food : eucharist

Aritifial intelligence, in the Turing Test sense, is just extreme characterization in the building of a story.

the psitherism of the years,
the wind like zithers through my tears

on some undisonant shore
where Ocean redounds with roar

other minds // other spaces // other times

the Church's moral right of integrity with respect to its doctrine

Humans evolved under incredible pressure to do philosophy, for reasons of prioritizing matters for enhancing survival, for reasons of social coherence and communication, and for reasons of the nature of human cognitive capabilities. To be sure, philosophical system is a distinct thing. But philosophizing is as natural to us, and as integral to our survival, as breathing and reproducing.

Damascene links icons to the medicinal character of the Church: we come into the pschon iatrion, and there the bloom of the painting draws the sight and delights like a meadow, introducing us gradually to the glory of God.

The ongoing implies the having-gone and the going-to-be.

rewilding (Perino, et al.)
(1) food chain complexity
(2) natural disturbances
(3) range and distribution

the three primary modes of lay theology: evangelistic, lectoral, catechetical

Every political revolution eventually fails; the question is whether it does so before or after revolutionaries get their fill.

purely hypothetical positions -- things that can be said but cannot be an actual position (e.g., the Gorgian 'Nothing exists', arguably solipsism, etc.)
-- these are analogous to conceptual art

"The notion of dignity is closely related to the idea of active striving." Nussbaum

accounts of petitionary prayer
(1) symbolic: representation of mind for moral, social, or practical reasons
(2) harmonizing: (e.g., Plotinus)
(3) participatory: (e.g., Pascal, Aquinas)
(4) persuasive

"The Church is an inn standing on the Bridge, to provide food and comfort of the travelers and pilgrims who pass by way of the doctrine of My truth, lest they should faint through weakness." Catherine of Siena

the consequentialist structure of vigilantism

use vs. mention of a fictional character

"Great indeed was the dignity of man's foundation, because it was made such that no good would suffice it except the highest." Hugh of St. Victor

S5 as a modal logic is most suitable for abstract objects.

The possibility of contingent concrete individuals depends on conditions, where those do not obtain, they are not possible. Thus ◇→□◇ fails for contingent concrete individuals.

"the critique of knowledge is part of metaphysics." Maritain

The common is found in and through individuals.

pro-philosophical and anti-philosophical ambiences

philosophical fragments in popular discourse

philosophy within common experience vs philosophy within constructed context (literary, legal, etc.) vs philosophy within a traditional context (religious, political, etc.)
-- there is, of course, some overlap among these.

To wonder is to begin a journey that ends only in the Beatific Vision.

It is a sign of stupidity to treat every clarification of what a thing is as if it were a reduction.

Prior probabilities do not exist independently of some understanding of the system.

The common experience is that color is in things but only insofar as it is *brought out* by the light.

"There is no weariness in the intelligible world." Plotinus
"Without the impulse to the One, no being would come to exist, nor, when already existing, would it persist."

mass, charge, etc., as kinds of causation

One of the difficulties of originalism is that the origin of law has many steps, and in interpretation the prior debate, the drafting, the promulgation, and the immediate reception all have relevance, even when they point in divergent directions.

Love is the source of all created being.

forms of logistic: carry, gather, ship
carry: pack, train
gather: forage, requisition, pillage
ship: depot line

Apology, like forgiveness, presupposes authority to do it.

Christian tourism : pilgrimage :: religious song : hymn

one: law of nature formulation :: holy : end in itself :: catholic : kingdom of ends
-- Kant, of course, denies anything that could correspond to apostolicity (nothing historical or traditional even in a broad sense).

Revolutions needs conspiracies; the status quo does not.

Empirical assertions already imply normative constraints in decision-making.

The content of an assertion may or may not be normative, but to assert it is itself a normative act, albeit a weak one (guidance rather than obligation).

"Every economic decision has consequences of a moral character and involves the demands of justice." Robert Sarah

The recognition of phenomena as phenomena requires that reason extend beyond the phenomena.

A form of life cannot be wholly explained in terms of subjective factors.

The need for the divine is found in human existence itself.

The Catholic Church has in some sense more truths at its core than other religions, but its primray superiority is not quantitative but qualitative, for truths it shares with other religions shine with new light and fullness in the united and mutually supporting form they have in the faith. It is also superior relationally, in the way it draws believers to God.

Nobody can cease to have jurisdiction by occult means uncertifiable by any definitive authority.

There is a dangerous tendency in certain forms of traditionalism to try to eliminate all tackiness. But the tacky is what people fall back on when the better is too expensive, or too hard to find, or beyond their abilities; it is the safety net that sustains when resources of one kind or another are thin.

Seeking truth without cultivating prudence is a common source of error.

"Each thing is many, whenever it is diffused and dispersed in extension through being unable to incline toward itself." Plotinus

In some ways it is easier to repent of that of which we are culpable than of that in which we are complicit.

"All investigation has to be thought of as being either of what something is, or of how it is qualified, or why it exists, or if it exists." Plotinus

Judicial judgment always involves turning to some standard.

citizen as voter : legislative :: citizen as juror : judicial :: citizen as ? : executive
- posse comitatis would be one part

hunter-gathering vs farming means of evangelization

Health care is a diverse group of very different things, not one thing.

Most anxiety in politics is hypochondriacal; and one of the fundamental problems in politics is discerning when it is not.

To be rational is to be a creature both of law and of gift.

exemplar: substance, quality
proper model: quantity, relation
mensurator: quanod, bui, positio
vestment: habitus

Reason by its nature legislates.