Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Two Poem Drafts


Like glimmers on the waters
reflects a mighty sun;
cannot be wholly captured
by mere slice.
Beware an over-eager
to worship as we must requires
God with man imperfect
Nor disrespect God's great
the light that shines with ceaseless
see, in shimmer-glimpsing,

Winning and Losing

This truth I know, my gentle friend,
a truth as old as thinking man:
if quiet folk conceive no plan,
the course of things can only end,
however well its way begins,
in chaos where the loudest wins.

If cooler heads enforce no law,
the lawless will not stay his hand;
if gentler souls make no demand,
they leave the world to violent maw;
if decent folk rebuke no sins,
the boldest sinner always wins.

Like entropy or wear-and-tear
the wicked prosper as the rules
will of the honest make right fools
if honest men will not beware:
in world of clash and noise and din
the loudest voices surely win.

The vicious virtue always cheat;
their aim is cunning in its way:
convince the good to flee the fray,
that they must nobly seek defeat,
that use of means is work of sin,
that they must let the loudest win.

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