Thursday, November 12, 2020

Two Poem Drafts


Powers born of sea and sky,
cloud and current, surge and tide;
let my hope be not denied:

Thought I cast upon the sea,
foam and wave, wind and rain,
cast my thought and secret pain--
may it not return to me!

Let my sadness fall away,
bring again the sunny day,
light that will not dim or fade:

Thought I cast upon the wave,
spray and shower, rush and roar,
never let it ail me more--
may I be from sorrow saved!

Hall of Bones

Here we sit in a hall of bones,
cold and damp and all alone,
all alone, where stones had wept,
no sun had shone,
and darkness crept,
down in the cold,
the trickle-cold that flows down walls,
chill and wet in the sunless halls,
black as night and darkness-old.
Black as night and darkness-old,
the chill is deep in the cavern-fold,
crease of time, and it smells like grave,
alone as death, with none to save,
alone as night when darkness falls
where no beast sings, where no bird calls,
down in the depths of the deathly halls.

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