Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Links of Note, Noted

* Nick Romeo, Plato in Sicily

* Jennifer Fitz, Allowing Jesus to Heal Your Rhetorical Disease

* Zachary Ferguson, A Song Turned Sideways Would Sound as Sweet (PDF)

* Michael O. Eze on the concept of Ubuntu

* Tim Vernimmen, Why do humans embrace rituals?

* Jessica Hooten Wilson, The Mind of a Mother and Maker, discusses Dorothy Sayers

* An interesting discussion of the most recently discovered blue pigment (and the first newly discovered blue pigment in a long while)

* The Spilhaus World Ocean Map

* Matias Slavov, No absolute time , on Hume and Newton

* Justin Hawkins, Dignity Beyond Accomplishment

* Alana Newhouse, Everything Is Broken, looks at problems with the American medical system 

* Fr. Nicanor Austriaco looks at vaccination campaign concerns from the perspective of Catholic moral theology.

* Koraljka Suton, Carol Reed’s ‘The Third Man’: How Orson Welles Stole a Show He Was Barely In

* Maurice Glasman remembers Roger Scruton 

* Michael Lind, The Five Crises of the American Regime 

* Vinson Cunningham, What Thomas Jefferson Never Could Understand about Jesus

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