Friday, June 25, 2021

Dashed Off XIII

 analogical reasoning as playfulness of mind

fetishism of ideologies

Whatever may be said of other truths, truths in fiction and in law require truthmakers.
-- From these it seems clear that the logic for truthmakers should be intuitionistic; it would make sense fo rit to be like a provability logic.

"authority in some is *for* liberty in others." Maritain

nirvana as a limbo of the pagans, cessation of the penalties of sin (this is more plausible for Buddhist than Jain or Hindu accounts; moksha is more obviously positive in character)

Moksha is the convergence of three paths: path of knowledge (jnana-marga), path of devotion (bhakti-marga), path of action (karma-marga). Thus an appropriate account of moksha should recognize it at least as knowledge-devotion-action, the perfection of all three.
obj: As noted in diff. ways by Nagarjuna and Shankara, moksha is rest without plurality, on the baiss of an understanding different from our worldly understanding. Reply: This argument establishes that moksha is not one of the three worldly goals of action -- kama (pleasure), artha (prosperity), dharma (propriety) -- in a formal sense. Rather it is eminenter the goal of action, that of which kama, artha, and dharma are signs. In kama, artha, and dharma, the path of action has not yet converged to moksha, which is active beyond worldly action.

The Advaita is right that moksha requires transcendence of avidya; the Dvaita is right that it requires union with God.

vedic or ritual forms of asceticism vs. sramanic or renunciate forms

The doctrine of apaurusheya, whatever the intent of the Mimamsakas who hold it, in effect makes the Vedas a deity.

Literacy is not the bare capacity to read but the building of shared literate discourses; likewise, numeracy is the building of shared numerate discourses.

democracy as a breeding ground for ultracrepidarianism

Sensible things are only perceptible because they are apt for semiosis.

"Strategy is the art of making use of time and space.  I am less chary of the latter than of the former; space we can recover, time never." Napoleon

Walls typically exist not to stop movement but to structure and manage it.

fact as natural classification of identified evidence

The aporia for dating Mark. There is evidence for all three of these:
(1) Luke was written before AD 63.
(2) Luke is dependent on the preexisting gospel of Mark.
(3) Mark was written after AD 65.
(1) has considerable probability on internal evidence (esp. including Acts and its abrupt ending); but it is probably the one most rejected. Rejecting (2) has to explain synoptic parallels; one way to do this is to posit a pre-Roman Ur-Mark. Internal evidence for Mark itself suggests Roman context, which suggests it is written after the book of Acts ends, prob. in reign of Nero 64-68.

Not only does John seem familiar with the details of Jerusalem, he speaks of it in the present tense: Jn 5:2, 11:49, 11:51 indicate a lower bound, the end of Caiaphas's tenure in about AD 37.

Christ as exemplar sacrament

Democratic societies are corrupted by the formation of a pseudodemos.

Jas 3:7 perhaps suggests weather patterns of Palestine & surrounding.

Luke associates Jesus' ministry with
(1) Tiberius 14-37
(2) Caiaphas 18-36/37
(3) Pilate 26-36
Luke 3:1 suggest that John began his ministry around 28-29.

Luke associates Paul's ministry with
(1) Aretas -40
(2) Gallio -51
2 Cor 11:32 suggests 37-40 for escape from Damascus; Gal. 1:18 suggests this was about 3 years after his conversion.

quantifying over vs permeating

'Conceptual engineering' is in fact just classification redesigning.

Y. Shabbat 2:6
(1) Adam was blood of world (Gn 2:6); Eve caused him to die; therefore women given commandment of niddah.
(2) Adam was first bread offering (Gn 2:7); Eve etc.; therefore women given commandment of separating hallah.
(3) Adam was light of world (Pr 20:27); Eve etc.; therefore women given commandment to light Shabbat candles.

It is clear that the Twelve was itself instituted by Christ, both from the way the Evangelists talk about it and from the fact of the Choosing of Matthias -- the office is recognized and the office forfeited by Judas is filled.

Christology is based on the Confession of Peter and the Confession of Thomas, so it is fitting tha tthe Church is both corporate Peter (facing West) and corporate Thomas (facing East).

An implication of Newton's sensorium view is that mental action is analogous to gravity. (Think on this more.)

Both law and grace allow proxy agency, creating a forum and means for it.

Assertion is always by signs and is therefore constrained by the signs (and sometimes obscured by them).

"a religion" can be understood as
- a religious institution or system of such institutions
-a religious movement
- a culture of religious practice

Church as sacramental instrumentality : holy :: Church as social instrumentality : catholic

Welfare systems tend to reinvent the palace economy.

Responsibilities overlap; this complicates the inference from responsibility to obligation.

Existence is 'noumenal', not 'phenomenal'.

"This whole that is civil society (civitas) must be the chief of all wholes that is able to be cognized and constituted by human reason." Aquinas

A reductio always requires you to know something about the terms that the argument being reduced does not require you to know.

Freedoms are structured by the aims of the societies to which they tend.

forms of professional objection: safety, technical, conscientious

Everything in politics tends toward a perversion of itself.

Christ was dead by the fifth wound; it was the Holy Virgin who merited about it, for the wound was borne by her soul, though in Christ's body.

Fine art fundamentally depends on the notion of shared or common beauty.

Republics consistently throughout history show a remarkable respect for monuments, museums, and the like. Degradation of respect for longstanding monuments is a sign of degradation of respect for republican ideals and principles.

The temporal authority of the Church has to a considerable extent been reduced to museum and monument curation because modern republics have difficulty recognizing it in any other form.

ethics as based on
(1) the dignity and capacity of our rational natures
(2) the superiority of the rational to the animal
(3) the qualitative differences of satisfactions

Ps 82 & the resurrection

When demythologizers like Bultmann talk of 'our contemporaries' they always mean people with backgrounds, class, and culture like their own.

rejection of evidence as suspect, as unsuitable, as incapable

modes of acts of authority: presumptive, concurring, cooperative, originary

philosophical systems as crystallized inquiries

God is not directly the subject of metaphysics nor is He a species or subjective part of what metaphysics studies, which is common being. Rather, the metaphysician reaches to God by causation, as the cause or source of what metaphysics studies. Natural theology in its proper sense is the study of being as an effect, as derivative.

"Unless I can trust my various acts of memory, I don't even know what the sceptics says, much less what he means." Ward

Skill already requires something like patience, something like moderation, something like prudence, something like holding oneself to a standard.

In many physical actions, the body is at least a partial model or template of the action already; there is no need to reiterate it cognitively.

the passive signabilities of essence

subsidiarity as a property of a free hierarchy

All of our moral life is like a child learning to walk.

contract and the administrative power of the people

Good taste involves a discipline of memory and anticipation.

Reason as naturally in-common.

type of beautytype of seeingtype of being pleased
beauty properintellectual-visualdwelling/resting in
harmonyintellectual-auditorybeing swept away
sublimityintellectualbeing elevated in
picturesquevisual observance as wholereflective pleasure
charmsensory observance in partimmediate pleasure