Thursday, September 16, 2021

Links of Note, Notably Noted

 * Stuart Richie, Never trust a scientist, looks at scandals in the field of psychology

* Paul Silva, Jr., A Conceptual Analysis of Glory (PDF)

* An interview with Christopher Tollefsen on his recent book (co-written with Farr Curlin) on medical ethics; the book looks interesting.

* Daniel Williams, Is the brain an organ for free energy minimisation?, looks at some of the problems with the idea

* Ljiljana Radenovic, Philosophy of My Faith

* Mike Aquilina interviews Zena Hitz in Can faith help us live an 'intellectual life'?

* Alex Priou looks at Bacon's debt to Machiavelli

* David Horan's new translation of the Dialogues of Plato is available online.

* Jonathan Zittrain, The Internet Is Rotting, on the perpetual problem that things online swiftly disappear.

* Jordan Howell looks at a recent study by FIRE that suggests that non-tenured faculty are more harshly punished for controversial speech.

* Bruno Maçães, Crashing Out, argues that United States foreign policy has become obsessed with projecting an image, regardless of substance.

* An interesting article at the Met which looks at pricing fine art from different centuries. (The write-up is a few years old, but apparently the exhibit is ongoing.) The difficulty, of course, is that you have to find a unit that is relatively stable across centuries and meaningful in very different contexts; their choice is the milk cow, or, to be more exact, the price of a milk cow in silver. Silver is consistently in demand and a common form of money, and milk cows are a reasonable measure of 'buying power' across a wide variety of cultures and centuries.

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