Monday, December 27, 2021

And All the Bright Apocalypse of Heaven

 Saint John the Evangelist
by William Croswell

 "The disciple whom Jesus loved." --Gospel for the Day 

 O highly favored, unto whom 'twas given
 To lay thy hand upon the golden keys
 That ope the empyrean mysteries,
 And all the bright apocalypse of heaven! 
 Sweet solace of thy sorrowing soul, when driven
 Into its island banishment alone,
 Thy rapturous spirit has been long at rest,
 Partaker of the glories then foreshown,
 And knowing even as thy thoughts were known.
And if to bide His baptism be the test,
 And drink the cup peculiarly His own,
 Then thou hast gained thy mother's fond request,
 And, stationed near the everlasting throne,
 Shalt lean once more upon thy Savior's breast.