Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Blessed Passions

 For there are blessed passions and common activities of both the soul and body, which do not attract the soul to the body, but rather raise the body to the heights of the Spirit, convincing it to look upward. Which activities are these? These are the spiritual activities, which do not move from the body to the mind (as we said before), but which move from the mind to the body and through their activities and influence transform the body for the better and sanctify it. For as the divinity of the Incarnate Word of God is common to the body and the soul, having deified the flesh through the soul, so it is also in spiritual human beings, where the grace of the Holy Spirit is transmitted through the soul to the body. This allows the body to participate in divine things and to experience the blessedness which the soul undergoes. Because the soul can experience divine things, it naturally possesses a passionate aspect that is praiseworthy and divine, or rather, because our human nature has a singular passionate aspect, it is capable of assuming such a positive aspect.

St. Gregory Palamas, Triads in Defense of Those Who Practice Sacred Quietude, Chamberas, tr., Newfound Publishing (Hebron, NH: 2021), pp. 178-179 [Second Triad, Second Discourse, Section 12].