Saturday, April 16, 2022

By the Wellspring of the Norns

 'How should Christ be referred to?'

'By calling him the creator of heaven, earth, angels and the sun; the ruler of the world, the heavenly kingdom and the angels; the king of the heavens, the sun, angels, Jerusalem, Jordan and Greece and the counsellor of the apostles and saints. Early poets associated him with the wellspring of the norns and with Rome, as for instance in the verse from Eilif Gudrunarson:

They say he sits on a mount in the south and by the wellspring of the norns. In this way the mighty king of Rome has strengthened his realm with the lands of the heathen gods.'

[Snorri Sturuluson, 'Skaldskaparmal', Prose Edda, Byock, tr., Penguin Books (New York: 2005) p. 116.]