Saturday, April 30, 2022


* Peter Blair, The Kingdom of Truth, on Dietrich von Hildebrand 

* Bernardo Andrade, Peirce's Imaginative Community: On the Aesthetics of Inquiry (PDF)

* J. Joel Alicea, The Moral Authority of Original Meaning (PDF)

* Alexandra Bradner, The Cruelty of the Adjunct System. The issues and severity are actually extremely variable; but there are no general safeguards in place, there is an immense amount of complicity in practices that shouldn't exist, and there is a remarkable amount of exploitation and even sometimes bullying scattered through the whole system. Part of the problem is that the adjunct system by its nature is a secondary system, designed for situations that require more flexibility than full-time professorship, like when you hire professionals from the community to teach a class, or have talented teachers with life situations that limit their ability to contribute, but it has become the primary system, and is therefore fulfilling a role for which it is extremely poorly designed.

* Kyle S. Hodge, How Universal Generalization Works According to Natural Reason (PDF)

* David Dyzenhaus, Why Positivism is Authoritarian (PDF). It does seem at least very difficult to design a legal positivism that does not have authoritarian tendencies.

* Manvir Singh, Primitive Communism, and why the assumption that early human societies were communistic is difficult to sustain.

* Clay Matlin, W. E. B. DuBois and the Aesthetics of Emancipation

* Daniel Waldin, What the Creator of Parks and Recreation and The Good Place Gets Wrong about Ethics

* Daniel Wood, A community of seed savers has a recipe to revive rare varieties of collard greens

* Sarah Byers, Augustine and the Philosophers (PDF)

* Tiddy Smith, Animism, at the IEP

* Mohammad Saleh Zarepour, Arabic and Islamic Philosophy of Mathematics, at the SEP

* Stefano Bacin, The Perfect Duty to Oneself as a Moral Being (PDF), an interesting exploration of an idea in Kant that is both relatively original and interesting in its implications.

* Daniel Werner, The Self-Seeing Soul in the Alcibiades I (PDF)

* Yuan Yi Zhu, Why is Canada euthanising the poor?