Tuesday, July 05, 2022

Links of Note

 * Musa al-Gharbi, On Clarence Thomas, White Liberals, and Racial Politics

* Adam M. Willows, Stories and the Development of Virtue (PDF)

* Crispin Sarwell, The Supreme Court's Legitimacy. One of the problems of talk of 'legitimacy' is that it really means either that something is legal, that something is effectively supported, or something that someone takes to be important independent of any legality or support; and the result is that almost all talk of 'illegitimacy' in politics would either better handled by talking about legality or support, or else is just an attempt to pretend that state agencies and institutions can magically be ignored or attacked despite being legal and/or having significant political support. It is, practically speaking, a useless concept.

* Martin Pickup, The Problem of Change Restored (PDF)

* Jennifer Frey, Teaching virtue in the digital age

* Matthew Walker, Reconciling the Stoic and the Sceptic: Hume on Philosophy as a Way of Life and the Plurality of Happy Lives (PDF)

* T. Greer, A Guide Map for Reading the East Asian Canon

* Lara Buchak, Faith and Traditions (PDF)

* Chris Petitt, The Story of the Leonine Walls

* Aaron Wells, Science and the Principle of Sufficient Reason: Du Chatelet Contra Wolff (PDF)

* Carroll Quigley, Epistemology, Semantics, and Doublethink

* Rasmus Jaksland, A trilemma for naturalized metaphysics

* Geoff Shullenberg, Is wokeness just for the elite?, reviews Olúfẹ́mi Táíwò's Elite Capture.

* Dolf Rami, Notions of Existence in Frege (PDF)

* Harper, Burser, and Baguley, Do Concepts Creep to the Left and the Right? Evidence for Ideologically Salient Concept Breadth Judgments Across the Political Spectrum

* Hands Up Primary Latin Course