Saturday, September 24, 2022

Links of Note

 * Justin E. H. Smith, Re-entering the Vampire Castle, on the history of the vampire

* Carissa Phillips-Garrett, Why Aristotle's Virtuous Agent Won't Forgive: Aristotle on Syngnome, Praotes, and Megalopsychia (PDF)

* Marc Morris, Normans and Slavery: Breaking the Bonds

* Eric Brown and Clerk Shaw, Socrates and Coherent Desire (Gorgias 466a-468e) (PDF)

* Sarah Karp looks at the Peace Warriors, an organization devoted to training for nonviolent campaigns

* Wenjin Liu, Ignorance in Plato's Protagoras (PDF)

* Meira Levinson, Tatiana Geron, and Harry Brighouse, Conceptions of Educational Equity

* David MacPherson, Transfiguring the Unborn: Abortion, Human Equality, and Moral Perception, at "Public Discourse"

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