Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Two Poem Drafts

 I Am a River

I am a river, time is a boat,
the world beneath its sail now floats.
My waves are rippled out and round
to shores of some eternal ground.
The boat is bobbing up and down.
The world is trying not to drown.

I am a river, time is a boat,
the world is but a dusty mote
that clings to quickly flapping sail.
I tend to ocean without fail.
I carry time along my way,
to deep and never-ending bay.

The Poem Inside

I'm sorry that I cannot tell you
the poem I have inside.
I swear that I have tried before:
I wrote it. The writing lied.
Sometimes with undocile heart
I clouded it with pride.
Sometimes I blew the spark to glow
but still the fire died.
Sometimes when I reach out steady hand
the words all run and hide.
I'm sorry that I cannot give you
the poem I have inside.

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