Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Yea, I Have Wondered, Often Wondered

 To the Moon
by Thomas Hardy

“What have you looked at, Moon,
 In your time,
Now long past your prime?”
“O, I have looked at, often looked at
 Sweet, sublime,
Sore things, shudderful, night and noon
 In my time.” 

“What have you mused on, Moon,
In your day,
So aloof, so far away?
“O, I have mused on, often mused on
 Growth, decay,
 Nations alive, dead, mad, aswoon,
 In my day!”

 “Have you much wondered, Moon,
 On your rounds,
Self-wrapt, beyond Earth's bounds ? ”
“Yea, I have wondered, often wondered
 At the sounds
 Reaching me of the human tune
 On my rounds." 

 “What do you think of it, Moon,
 As you go?
 Is Life much, or no?”
 “O, I think of it, often think of it
 As a show
 God means surely to shut up soon,
 As I go."