Saturday, February 18, 2023

Three Poem Drafts

Three different attempts on the same theme and general pattern.

 Bright the Light

Bright the light that shines with grace
on manger-sleeping infant's face,
which every darkness drives away
that faith may live in light of day.

O Babe, the Father's image clear,
victorious over death and fear,
grant us that by your body's pain
we might have strength divine as gain.

The Father's very Son you are,
in union no divisions mar;
as man, you fell to deepest deep,
as man, the throne of God you keep,

for you were born to Virgin fair
to take on human grief and care
and thus what you by nature hold
you merit, too, by venture bold.

No human blood or flesh alone
could save the masses lost that moan
but only Word of God who came
to take our nature and our name.

O come, redeem our pagan ways,
great Virgin's Son, and let your rays
of light reflect through sky and earth
salvation manifest in birth.

The Son of God from Father's Throne

The Son of God from Father's throne
took on himself our flesh and bone,
went down with us to shades that die,
and raised us up to throne on high.

The wonder of your birth we praise;
songs to Virgin pure we raise;
we sing of one who bore our sin
that grace with God our race might win.

We were redeemed by body torn;
by Spirit's might that flesh was born
in Virgin's flesh devout and pure;
the Word made flesh became our cure.

O holy Savior, come to free
the nations as they bend the knee
and sing, proclaiming well the worth
of God who saved by infant's birth.

The Evening We Shall Never Fear

The evening we shall never fear,
for faith in light is dwelling here,
and banished is the dark of night
by glory 'round the manger bright.

Eternal life the babe will give
and make the mortal ever live;
he bears our flesh to save our line
yet with the Father is divine.

He sits on high by God's right hand
who, slain by our profane demand,
went down dark paths as men must go
that we our God might truly know.

He did not shirk or turn away
but, God and man, knelt down to pray,
a king who came to find the lost
and save our souls at deathly cost.

As God within the temple dwells,
his presence clear as sounding bells,
a temple made of flesh and blood
is maiden-born and nailed to wood.

But this, the fruit of heaven's grace
beyond all means of human race
was done by Holy Spirit's might
to bring to darkness endless light.

Your birth, O Lord, we hymn with love,
and praise you with our God above,
who, born of Virgin, save from grief
and bring a yearning world relief.