Friday, March 31, 2023

Dashed Off X

 "The sensible realm is in the intelligible realm in the principles and the intelligible realm is in the sensible realm in the representations." Maximus Confessor

the Church as patient glory

honorable orders in the liturgical commonwealth

the Virgin Mary as typus Ecclesiae (Ambrose, Exp. in Luc. 2:7)
the Virgin Mary as the ultimate limit of capax Dei

A people driven by fear cannot be moderate.

conscientious objection & the reserved powers and rights of the people

Half of any skill is getting used to doing the tedious.

Major innovative expansions of communication ability create witch hunt conditions until safeguards appropriate to the new situation can be developed.

Aquinas explicitly gives the Ascension a role in faith, hope, and love; it increases faith, uplifts hope, directs love. (ST 3.52)

The brothers of the Lord are never referred to as sons of Mary; in Mk 6:3, Jesus is referred to as the son of Mary, with a definite article. Further, in Mk 3:31-35 and John 7:2-5, the brothers act as if they were his elders.

congregation as an act of the laity

All the girls in Mansfield Park defy marital expectation in one way or another; Fanny is the only one who does so on principle and with prudence.

In Lk 13:22-30, Jesus does not directly answer, 'Will only a few be saved?', certainly not with an abstract argument, but returns it to personal responsibility: many will attempt and fail, many will come from all over and succeed.

Mary as "the first reparation fo the first fall of our progenitors" (Andrew of Crete)

If the Psalms are prophetic of Christ (as NT use of them implies), they will at times be incidentally prophetic of those associated with Christ (cf. Judas Iscariot in Peter's use of the Psalms in Acts 2). Then PS 131:8 and Ps 45:9-10 are most reasonably seen as prophetic of Mary.

Ex 24:11 and the Eucharist

beings of reason
(1) quasi-entitative nonentities
(2) impossibilia
(3) idealized structures
(4) conceptualized nonentities
(5) group quasi-entities
(6) second intentions

beings known
beings known in light of other beings
beings known on the model of other beings
nonbeings known on the model of beings

sex as physical heteronomy

the quasi-hieratic nature of parenthood

Theou synergoi (1 Cor 3:9)

God gave Scripture to the Church, so it is a sin not to try to read it intelligently.

Marian apparitions as part of the prophetic work of the Church

merits as oratio interpretativa (accredited intercession)

Mary as a sign of salvation (this seems to be established directly in the Magnificat)

citizen, knight, king as examples of temporal order

There is no equity without prudence.

the serpent ouroboros, round and round
in never-ending repitition
glides, its venomed coils
rippling and all else in fury crushing

Human beings index our memories semiotically (especially, although not exclusively, linguistically).

moral improvement & desirable difficulties

One remembers by practicing remembering.

The short-term feeling of learning is often deceptive.

inscrutable probability // category mistake

When people talk about 'centering marginalized voices', they are too often just reasserting their positions as gatekeepers.

Testing theories requires knowing counterfactuals.

Alms atone for sins because they are opposite to sins (cp. Sir 3:29), so the interesting question is the nature of this opposition.

Ps 68 and the Church

The rites of the sacraments are themselves a form of preaching.

Christ as the one, holy, catholic Lord

three rights of the unity of the Church (Tertullian Pr. 21)
(1) communicatio pacis
(2) appellatio fraternitatis
(3) contesseratio hospitalitatis

As man, Christ is a social being.

Like the soul, the Church as social also undergoes periods of aridity, and for much the same reason.

One uses the boundary of an experiment like one uses the frame of a painting: to remove distractions and focus the attention.

Artworks should be seen as communications.

tools of display: frame, pedestal, glass window, etc.

The first part of caring for the future is caring for the past.

All works of art incorporate multiple points of view, usually a range of them.

"The act of knowing is related to the object by participation, just as similitude is to that of which it is a similitude. I do not mean a likeness through the communication of the same form, as in the case of a likeness between two white objects, but a likeness through imitation, as in the case of the likeness of what is ideated to the idea." Scotus, Quod. q 13, n. 12

intersubjectively constituted psycho-physical unities

Society is never confined to the living.

The true peace is the peace of friendship.

"Nothing is by essence except God, because every truth and created entity is such by participation." Scotus, Rep 2.16

implied image vs descriptive image vs expressional image in poetry

Peter : apostolicity :: Paul : catholicity

culpable vs piacular violations of personal dignity

discipleship as study

apostolic succession as a kind of union with Christ

pax, fraternitas, hospitalitas, communio

interstitial eisegesis, arising from trying to relate Biblical books and passages by hypotheses (could also be called contextual, as opposed to textual, eisegesis)

cognitive irritations forming pearls

the intoxicating character of vengeance, in all the meanings of 'intoxicating'

sacramental signs as presenting motives for human free will (communication for freely chosen reception)

the sacramental 'dare to be wise' as countering the serpentine 'dare to be wise'

Reasons are only decisive in a context.

Love of beauty is often a seed of liberty.

Treaty power presupposes both legislative power and diplomatic power, since it coordinates both. Thus the Indian tribes in the US must be recognized as having both.

due process as a requirement that the state follow its own laws

Traditionalists by their very nature don't see themselves as turning the clock back to a prior state but as bringing something valuable forward.

Berkeley gives a natural desire argument for immortality in Alciphron 6.11 and a common consent argument for it, briefly, in 6.12.
skeptical theism, 6.14-17

one man, one woman as a sign of the fundamental equality of man and woman

Familiarity lies in cross-references.

God as the most causal causal

The contract lies not in the words but in the agreement memorialized in the words; the document is not the contract but its instrument.

Contracts unite abilities into an intention for a shared task.

"Wholeness is a kind of oneness." Aristotle

The Church is universal as to source, as to means, as to object, and as to end. It is also apostolic as to source, as to means, as to object, and as to end.

Petitionary prayer is the form of prayer that most accurately articulates our actual relationship with God.

Creaturely existence is like a petition for existence.

There are always parents who will sacrifice their children to the gods of the day.

"The freedom of the Church is the fundamental principle governing relations between teh Church and public authorities and the whole civil order." Dignitatis Humanae 13.1

quasi-entia linguae
-- arise from using words as 'algebraic signs' and proxies

privacy as abstracted property (intangibles considered as if property)

a bill of rights as a curriculum for legal pedagogy
-- general preludes in the Platonic sense

plans as sets of possible narrative plots

higher-order art -- photography and synthesizer as perhaps examples, using AI programs to create art works certainly is

Wordsworth on spots of time

Human beings are strangely inclined to be surprised at the obvious facts of time.

Great good is extremely difficult to endure.

suggestion of magic in fine arts

Alciphron 6.31 -- analogy between the dispensations of grace and nature

"Research is formalized curiosity." Zora Neale Hurston

systematic vs interactive harms and benefits (people seem to have considerable difficulty distinguishing them)

To create a 'system of magic' for stories, start with an art (productive skill) and take metaphorical descriptions of its best effects literally. Each art yields a different flavor, liberal-arts-type magic (language, number, diagram) being different from smithing-type magic and from computer-programming-type magic and from gardening-type magic, etc., Likewise types of magic in stories can be classified by the productive arts whose structures and effects they imitate.

Politeness facilitates justice by acknowledging that the right things sometimes involves at least a small cost, thus making it easier to have just interactions that are mutually beneficial.

the beauty of flowers as related to their communicativeness

sacrifices as creating liturgical markets

democracy and 'democracies' -- the people have no recourse in the latter because all the abuses are done in their name

The Body and the Blood are received in prayer before they are received physically.

the Sword in the Stone as a near-perfect image of destiny

In the Incarnation, God takes on the image of God.

human persons as intrinsic signifiers
-- all living beings seme to be such, but personhood has a completeness qua sign-forming, sign-using, sign-enacting

prephilosophical experiences: order, finitude, change, fitness, being

"The Church values the democratic system inasmuch as it ensures the participation of citizens in making political choices, guarantees to the governed the possibility both of electing and holding accountable those who govern them, and of replacing them through peaceful means when appropriate." Centesimus annus 46
"Authentic democracy is possible only in a state ruled by law, and on the basis of a correct conception of a human person."

The sign of peace in Mass is a penitential rite.

Maturity requires the combination and balancing of a drive outward and a drive inward. It is easy to have one and falsely think that it on its own makes you mature; this is the mistake adolescents often make, of confusing their temperamental inclination to act or to introspect with maturity.

allegory vs imaginative relevance

the prayer of Christ Ascended : major sacrament :: the prayer of the Church as Christ's Body : minor sacrament

In a democratic context, campaigns will use pufferfish tactics, trying to make their numbers look bigger by how they define support.

To recognize change is to recognize that one thing was potentially another, not merely different.

counterfactual analysis under high uncertainty as often necessary for handling new kinds of evidence

A living tradition always has many different modalities.

Roles are partly constituted by what can be done in them and partly by what is due to people who fill them.

the sacrifice as a broken and contrite heart expressed outwardly